Last Upday 2011.12.06


There are so many "natural" products in the market. but real thing are few. In our daily products, the real natural power is used in a natural way.

SASASWASHI is the name.

The natural ingredients of KUMAZASA are blended into "WASHI (Japanese Paper)" and this new fabric is applied to many daily products.

SASAWASHI products help the body cells highly activate on its own power.

By using the products, you can understand the real meaning of "Natural"


recommend_bathtowel.jpgLuxurious towel of SASAWASHI which has twice the water absorbency of cotton in a 100% long towel weave. SASAWASHI does not have fuzz, so it maintains the dry hand without any dust. Antibacterial and deodorant effects of this fabric keep odor down. Texture blends well to the skin as you continue to use it.

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